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Ductless Systems in Brampton, ON

Ductless systems are becoming quite popular in homes all over the country – and for good reason! These nifty little systems are efficient, effective, take up very little space, and have the ability to heat and cool your home with just the flip of a switch! Oh, and did we mention that they do all this without ducts? Pretty neat, huh?

Luckily for you, Peatson's Heating and Air Conditioning Ltd. offers comprehensive ductless system services for homeowners throughout Brampton, ON and the surrounding communities. We are a company you can trust – we are dedicated to bringing better efficiency and comfort to our community. In fact, we’ve built our reputation on excellent service and workmanship, and pride ourselves on our commitment to our customers.

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What is a Ductless System?

As its name implies, a ductless system is a heating and cooling system that does not rely on a network of ducts. Instead, it utilizes multiple indoor air handlers to deliver comfort to every inch of your home.

Here at Peatson's Heating and Air Conditioning Ltd., we offer a variety of ductless system services, including ductless HVAC installation, ductless HVAC replacement, ductless HVAC repair, and ductless HVAC maintenance, so no matter what your needs are, we can help!

Ductless System Benefits

Ductless systems offer a variety of unique benefits, including:

  • Versatility: A ductless system is able to both heat and cool your home, allowing for year-round comfort. Just by flipping a switch, the system can switch from "cooling mode" to "heating mode."
  • Convenient Installation: A ductless system is a great alternative for homeowners whose homes lack the space for ductwork! Installing a ductless system is simple and affordable.
  • Energy Efficiency: Because ductless systems do not utilize ductwork, they avoid the energy losses associated with duct leaks. A breach in a forced-air system’s ducts can account for more than 30% of energy waste! A ductless system can save you a ton of money on your utility bills.

Ask Us About the Services that We Offer in Brampton, ON

Whether you are looking to have a ductless system installed for the first time, or if you are in need of ductless system repairs, we are the team you can call. We cover a wide range of ductless services, designed to keep your system running as efficiently and as effectively as possible, for as long as possible.

Our services cover everything from installation and replacement to repairs and maintenance, so no matter what your needs are, we can help (and trust us, we’ll be happy to!)

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If you are ready to schedule your ductless services, give our team a call. Our friendly representatives will be happy to assist you and set you up with an appointment that suits the needs of your schedule.

You really can’t go wrong when you hire our team: we’ve got the best technicians in the industry on our team, offer some of the best warranties and guarantees around, and are truly committed to our customers.

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