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Commercial Heating Service in Brampton, ON

It rains, it snows, it ices, and it gets windy during the winters here in Brampton, ON. That’s why not just any contractor can service your commercial rooftop unit or commercial ductless heater in the wintertime. You need the best! That’s where Peatson's Heating and Air Conditioning Ltd. comes in, a family-owned heating service contractor that has a team full of licensed service mechanics, refrigeration mechanics, and sheet metal mechanics that know just how to provide you the heating solution you need.

We’ve got 24/7 emergency services, even for weekends and holidays when you need us, and we’re full of guarantees and manufacturer warranties that can keep your systems happy and healthy for as long as possible. No matter what commercial heater service your building requires, we can set it up for success and keep your business warm for the months to come.

Call our team today for comprehensive commercial heating services at your request!

How to Heat Your Brampton, ON Business

There is more than one way to keep your building heated during the winter, and with us you don’t have to settle for a one size fits all solution. From commercial rooftop unit heaters to commercial ductless systems and even commercial infrared heating solutions, we have the tools to keep you warm and cozy.

Commercial infrared heaters are perfect for restaurants and kitchens that require food to be heated by heat lamps. They can keep food warm enough to be consumed safely, can be used for reptiles and other animals that require a warm and humid environment, and whatever other specification your business requires. Don’t just settle for one type of heater, work with us to ensure that your building is heated perfectly, the right way.

Commercial Heating Installation and Repair

When we write up our maintenance contract with you, we fill you in on exactly what we offer. From installation to repair, to maintenance and even replacement services, we don’t stop at the first piece of the puzzle. We keep working with you and your heater to make sure it lasts as long as possible. The longer it lasts and more efficient it runs, the more money you save—and that’s all we’re concerned about.

If you’re hearing noises coming from your commercial heater, give us a call. Sometimes these can be small errors in calibration, or a lubricated ball bearing that just needs to be serviced. Other times they can be quite intensive processes that might involve needing a whole system replacement. Don’t leave it up to guesswork, have the Brampton, ON professionals on hand to make the call with you.

Maintenance and Replacements for a Fresh Start

Did we mention that we provide maintenance and system replacements when problems are too terrible to put up with? If you’ve got a make up air unit that needs to be replaced because it’s just not doing its job right, we’re the team to do it. Not only that, but we can provide maintenance on said make up air unit to make sure it provides quality heat for as long as possible.

Maintenance is incredibly important for the lifespan and efficiency of your Brampton, ON heating system. Commercial heaters that don’t have a technician give them a thorough inspection every year are at risk of developing problems that could have been easily avoided. Don’t let your system become the victim of neglect, call us and schedule commercial heating maintenance today!

Our preventative maintenance contracts will be adapted to your specific requirements.

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