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Commercial Indoor Air Quality Service in Brampton, ON

Indoor air quality seems like a secondary thought after temperature control, but we couldn’t disagree more. Indoor air quality, when it comes to the safety and comfort of your employees and customers, can sometimes matter more than temperature control. Whether it’s dealing with humidity or dangerous contaminants, air quality is of the utmost importance. That’s where we come in!

We’re Peatson's Heating and Air Conditioning Ltd. and we’re Brampton’s very own, family-owned HVAC contractor that’s concerned with providing you the quality and effective service you’ve wanted all these years. We promise that all our work is guaranteed, along with the fact that we’ve been in partnership with YORK for 50 years, meaning we’ve got the best equipment that money can buy. We’re a Reader’s Choice award winner since 1996 and quite possibly your most affordable and efficient IAQ solution in the Brampton, ON area.

Don’t hesitate to call the IAQ pros today for your comfort solution.

Don’t Get Sick, Get an Air Purifier Quick!

Our indoor air can be multitudes more polluted than our outdoor air. Viruses and bacteria can be stuck in our sealed buildings for too long, while we breathe them in and get sicker. Air purification systems are an excellent solution to businesses that have stuffy air with customers or employees constantly being affected by germs and viruses.

Don’t settle for poor commercial indoor air quality by assuming that it’s just the norm. Air purifiers eradicate bacteria and viruses before they become a problem. Combine a powerful air purifier with guests and customers who wash their hands, and you’ve got a clean environment that will keep everyone in your building happy and healthy. Don’t deal with airborne health hazards anymore, contact our team today!

Total Care and Comfort

Did you know that when we inspect your commercial AC or heating system, we can also check the quality of your indoor air? Let us kill two birds with one stone while performing comprehensive maintenance services on all your comfort systems in Brampton, ON. Sometimes these complex machines can influence each other; case in point, your heater filter could be clogged and making it difficult for an air filtration system to keep your air clean.

That’s why we can brush coils, dust off fan blades, and replace filters while also maximizing the efficiency of your air purifier or filtration system. There’s no need to have this service work independently from one another, have it all done at once and maximize your comfort levels today!

Don’t Forget Our Repair and Replacement Services!

Our systems work so well that you’ll probably notice when your air filter or purifier is breaking down. That being said, we aren’t amateurs—we don’t just stop at installing these machines. We also work to make sure they operate efficiently and effectively for as long as possible. System lifespan is an important measure to take into account when investing in commercial indoor air quality system.

That’s why we offer comprehensive repair and replacement services in Brampton, ON for your air purifier or filtration system. If you notice poor air quality developing in your building, don’t let it become the new norm. Contact our professional team today for extensive repairs on your faulty system. If repairs aren’t enough, we can provide a replacement so that your business has the proper air quality it needs to function.

Our preventative maintenance contracts will be adapted to your specific requirements.

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