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Your Ducts Need to Be Addressed

When your heater is at full blast, do you feel the heat coming from every vent in your house? Yes, we said every vent, not just some of the vents. The truth is that ductwork in a lot of older homes is not in the best shape, and this blog post is about what can potentially go wrong with leaving your air ducts unaddressed.

Many homeowners believe that the culprit to their heating woes is either their heating system, or their home itself, but they rarely point fingers at the possible culprit of their ductwork. Air duct services in Brampton are necessary for a variety of reasons. Contaminants can get cycled through your air ducts and your vents, and your heating can start to suffer when you’re neglecting one of the most integral parts of the whole ecosystem in your house!

What Can Go Wrong With Ducts in Bad Shape?

When your ducts are in bad shape, air that’s heated in the winter or conditioned during the summer can have a rough time getting to the areas where you actually feel it. Air ducts run through basements, attics, and crawlspaces, even in between walls, which means that any leak, gap, or tear in the ductwork could see the valuable air you’re paying to have created get shoved somewhere you won’t feel it. This is not good for obvious reasons.

For starters, it’s expensive. Having ductwork in disrepair can cost a lot of money both on high utility bills as you constantly churn up your heat because you can’t feel it in the winter. But it can also be expensive as you pay for tissues, medicine, and other things to deal with your poor air quality since contaminants will be leaking into and out of your ducts throughout your home.

Available Duct Services

The good news is that ducts can never be in such bad shape that they’re irreparable. Our team specializes in taking care of ductwork that’s either been left alone for years or that’s been actively harmed by critters, contaminants, and other problems. Here are just some services we offer to help.

  • Duct repair. A quick fix might be in order to seal up your air ducts and get air flowing to the levels it should be. This can help get every room comfortable and cozy again, and it might be your ticket to lower heating bills going forward!
  • Duct replacement. If your ducts are in too rough shape to fix easily, then we can always replace them. Ductwork replacement can be fast and simple, but it should always be done by a professional that knows what they’re doing.
  • Evaluating contaminants in your ductwork. If your air ducts are circulating contaminants through your house, this is a big problem that can be prevented with an air purifier or air filter. Our team can help you sort this out.

Call Our Team for Help

There’s a lot more that can be done for your air ducts, but we advise you to start with the basics by calling our team for some repairs, replacement, or an evaluation. We’ll get you going on the right foot so your home gets comfortable!

Call Peatson’s Heating and Air Conditioning Ltd. for more information on duct services!

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