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Choosing the Right AC for Our Summers


When we say “our summers,” we’re really talking about the summertime weather in Mississauga. Our summer weather is particularly muggy compared to other places, and other Canadians around the country might think our climate is completely different. That’s fine, nobody knows the weather here like we do!

Summers here get hot and humid. That means it is increasingly important to find an air conditioning system that keeps your whole home cool. Some of the cooler areas of the country with more mild summers can get by with a window unit, but not us!

HVAC in Mississauga, ON depends on many factors of a home. We’re going to go into detail about what the different options are for air conditioning that can handle our summertime weather. We’ll make it clear and concise so you feel better about going into an air conditioner purchase without the weight of not knowing how the technology works.

Three Unique Systems

Today, we’re going to talk about three specific systems that are equipped to deal with our summertime weather. These systems are the reliable central air conditioner, the state of the art heat pump, and the incredibly efficient ductless heat pump. Each option provides a set of advantages and disadvantages that we hope you take into consideration. Don’t forget to call our team for professional installation if you think one of these would suit your home!

Central Air Conditioners

These are some of the most popular and reliable air conditioning systems in Canada. The awesome part about these units is that they cool homes effectively, are some of the more affordable models out there, and they pair up nicely with a furnace or a heavy-duty heating system for the winter.

If you’re looking to have an AC system installed that doesn’t break the budget and you’ve already got a heating system that works well, a central air conditioner could be perfect for your home. Just remember that most of these models require air ducts to circulate the cooled air, so take that into consideration as well!

Heat Pumps

So, an air conditioner provides sensible cooling by circulating refrigerant. This process draws heat from one end of the system and deposits it from the other, creating a cycle that cools your home. What if we said that process could be reversed?

Heat pumps might be a bit more pricey and maintenance-intensive than a central air conditioner, but they’re absolutely worth it. By reversing the process of a heat pump, you can have a cooling solution during our summers, and a heating solution during the winter. Doesn’t that sound awesome?

Ductless Heat Pump

The unfortunate reality of our community is that not everyone has air ducts to utilize. Some homes are too small and some are too old. That doesn’t mean you have to go without air conditioning, though!

Ductless heat pumps are just as their name implies—heat pumps that don’t require air ducts. They function as individual air handlers that are mounted on the walls of your rooms. Each one connects to an outdoor unit via lines of refrigerant and power, so you can have a customized cooling solution. Did we mention they also can function in reverse and heat your home as well?

Call the team at Peatson’s Heating and Air Conditioning Ltd. We’ve got you covered.

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