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How Would You Grade Your Heat Pump’s Functionality


November is here and the cooler weather has arrived as well. As you get ready for the change in season, it’s a good time to evaluate the performance of your heat pump in Brampton, ON.  

Here’s an easy way to determine how well your heat pump did over the summer: give it a report card! Consider its performance over the summer, then give your heat pump an overall grade from “A” to “F” using the tips below. If it hasn’t been the best student, schedule maintenance now to ensure it’s ready for the rest of fall and winter.

My Heat Pump Is An “A” Student!

Hooray! We’re glad your heat pump gets a gold star for its performance. If it’s still within its estimated service life, then you can expect another excellent and problem-free winter ahead. However, here’s a word of caution: a heat pump that scores an “A” has undoubtedly received regular professional maintenance twice a year, which earns you a gold star as well. Keep it up, because the fastest way to a failing grade is to skip this important service.

My Heat Pump Earns a Solid “B” Grade

Not bad! You enjoyed dependable cooling over the summer and nothing major went wrong. That being said, a “B” certainly isn’t an “A,” so what held you back from giving your heat pump the “A” grade? Perhaps you forgot to change the air filter regularly or maybe a breaker tripped once. It doesn’t necessarily mean it’s time to call us for repairs, but it pays to be vigilant in the coming months. 

My Heat Pump Gets a “C” for Concerned

Oh no! If your heat pump is putting the “c” in “concerned,” that means you know there’s room for improvement. Some signs of an average grade could be that you needed a repair during the summer. Or perhaps your heat pump isn’t cooling down your home as efficiently as it used to. You might be hearing some unusual noises, too. If you’ve been foregoing routine maintenance, this ho-hum grade may be a wake-up call, or else that “C” grade will go down soon. We recommend scheduling a heat pump service to see if your system needs repairs.

My Heat Pump is Barely Passing With a “D”

Nobody wants a heat pump that is barely passing. Your heat pump hasn’t been working right, and you’ve seen the signs. Maybe it failed completely at some point over the summer and you needed a major repair. Or you felt like you were running it all the time to keep your home cool enough. Your heat pump definitely needs professional attention to see if a major repair or replacement is needed.

My Heat Pump Gets an “F” and I’m Freezing!

A complete system failure deserves an “F” grade. If your heat pump failed to cool over the summer and isn’t providing heat now, call us ASAP to schedule service.

We hope this handy guide helps you make choices about your heat pump’s future. If it’s ready to be replaced, taking care of it before the holiday season is ideal.

Contact Peatson’s Heating and Air Conditioning Ltd. for reliable heat pump maintenance in Brampton, ON!

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