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Is Your Reversing Valve Stuck?

One interesting component of a heat pump that homeowners tend to love is the reversal valve. By pulling this valve, you can have your heat pump function in cooling mode or heating mode, which means your heat pump will work all year round to keep you comfortable. The problem is, what if you start having issues with the valve itself?

It’s not entirely uncommon for a heat pump’s reversing valve to have problems, and if yours gets stuck, you’re going to want to fix it before it becomes an impediment to your comfort. Repairing the reversing valve doesn’t have to be an ordeal that gives you stress, and below we’ve outlined some ways we can help you narrow down the problem. So, keep reading and remember that you can always call someone on our team for heat pump repair in Brampton, ON.

What’s the Problem?

To understand just how bad of a problem this could be, we need to troubleshoot the root of the issue with your reversing valve. It could be anything from just being stuck in one position or it’s trying to tell you that there’s a defective part on the inside. Let’s take a look.

A Stuck Valve

The most common reason for a reversing valve getting stuck is due to a bad solenoid. The solenoid is responsible for switching the process from heating to cooling and vice versa. A broken solenoid is not going to be able to switch from one mode to the other, essentially causing your reversing valve to get stuck.

If you think this is the problem then you’re in luck! Repairing a solenoid in a heat pump is a pretty minor repair to be made and it can be rather inexpensive. Just make sure not to try and replace it yourself, you could end up causing more harm than good the moment you stick your hands inside your heat pump.

An Electrical Issue

In order for your heat pump to switch modes, it needs to be working properly. This requires the cooperation of a lot of electrical components, and if they’re having trouble working together, then you’re going to need a professional’s help before it can get running in the right mode again. Electrical issues happen fairly frequently, but they can range in terms of how expensive they will be to repair.

Calling Our Team

Anything else that could be keeping your heat pump from functioning effectively is likely a problem that an HVAC technician with proper training can fix. If you continue to deal with your heat pump and its stuck valve, you’re going to miss out on one of the best features of a heat pump—the ability to cool or heat your home throughout the year.

We’re a team of licensed professionals with the right equipment, training, and expertise to properly diagnose your heat pump and repair it accordingly. Don’t let a stuck valve become the new normal because you’re nervous about having it repaired. No matter what is keeping your reversing valve from functioning, it can be fixed.

Call our team of professionals at Peatson’s Heating and Air Conditioning Ltd. today!

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