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Meet the Mini HVAC Wonder: The Mini Split


If you’ve been researching air conditioning installation, you’ve undoubtedly come across information about ductless mini splits. These HVAC systems have been around for a while but have recently surged in popularity. 

That’s because they provide incredible versatility when it comes to cooling–and heating!–your home. A ductless mini split could very well be the HVAC system you didn’t know you needed. Keep reading to find out why they’re gaining popularity among homeowners who’re looking to solve multiple home comfort problems with these mini wonders.

What Is a Ductless Mini Split?

A ductless mini split is an HVAC system that provides both heating and cooling. Unlike a central furnace or air conditioner, it works by utilizing heat pump technology. Therefore, a mini split system is a type of heat pump but one that isn’t reliant on ductwork to deliver the conditioned air. 

A mini split system consists of one outdoor unit and multiple indoor units that are called air handlers. These individual air handlers are what truly make these systems so unlike anything else on the market. The ability to choose which rooms receive an air handler allows the homeowner to achieve amazing flexibility and customization.

Customize Your Home Comfort

Having an air handler in each bedroom and living space allows individuals to customize their comfort. Is there someone in your home who always runs hotter or colder than everyone else? That person can raise or lower the temperature in their bedroom without raising or lowering the temperature in the entire house.

Do you have family members who work from home or stay-at-home parents? This is another scenario where mini-splits will save money. You can adjust the temperature for just one room such as an office or family room instead of cooling or heating the entire home. That’s the genius of the mini split system. 

Additional Benefits of Mini Split Systems

They use less energy: Ductless mini splits are an eco-friendly option. That’s because they use heat pump technology which means they run entirely on electricity. Plus, you’re not losing conditioned air through ductwork. In fact, the average ductless system can save up to 30-40% of energy costs. 

They’ll save you money: Mini splits provide both heating and cooling. If you know your furnace is also due for an upgrade, you won’t have to worry about that when you get a mini split. By replacing two systems with one, ductless mini splits save money down the line.

Eliminates the need for ductwork: Do you own an older home with problematic ductwork? Or maybe you have a newer home that lacks ductwork altogether. By having a mini split installed, you eliminate the issues that arise from depending on ductwork. Allergy sufferers may find their symptoms improve and your indoor air quality may also improve.

Reach new rooms in your home. Do you have an addition to your home that hasn’t been able to be heated or cooled? Or what if you’ve always wanted to add a system to your garage? Mini splits can be placed just about any space in your home.

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