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3 Things to Remember About Your Air Purifier

Air purifiers are nifty tools, but too many homeowners just know the bare minimum amount of information about them. They don’t just eliminate the more well-known contaminants like mold spores and bacteria, they actually help eliminate viruses and other contaminants that seek to do harm to you and your family.

However, we understand that your comfort must reconcile with your budget. You want your home to be comfortable and you don’t want to shell the money you saved up for vacation on six different systems to make a tiny difference in your home. You want major, measurable differences in your air quality for a lower price. That’s why an air purifier in Milton, ON is so important. It doesn’t just keep you healthy and safe, it also improves your comfort in numerous ways.

Keep reading as we go into 3 additional benefits of an air purifier that homeowners often forget!

The Elimination of Odors

Our noses are quite sensitive. When we inhale the air of our homes and we sense a foul odor, we’re actually picking up particles of the substance that is causing the odor. In the case of mold or mildew, our nose detects the slightest amount of mold spores in the air and we are instantly aware that something is wrong. Unfortunately, even if a foul odor isn’t life-threatening, it can still be a crushing problem for your quality of life. Nobody wants a home that smells bad.

The good news is that these particles can be dealt with easily by an air purifier. Since mold spores, mildew, bacteria, and other contaminants that cause foul odors are organic microorganisms, they can be properly eliminated by an air purifier. Just like sunlight, the ultraviolet rays of an air purification system can inhibit the cell’s ability to reproduce and effectively sterilize it.

So yes, an air purifier will systematically remove foul odors from your home that pass through your HVAC system.

The Elimination of Other Biological Contaminants

There’s a long list of biological contaminants that the EPA states are a contaminant hazard for your home. From pest waste to bugs, all of these types of problems release contaminants into your indoor air that can make it a struggle just to breathe. While an air filter can definitely help catch some of the particles, it’s never going to completely eliminate the root of the problem.

Air purifiers can help where you need them the most. If you’ve got some other type of biological contaminant in your home, there’s a good chance that a UV air purifier will eliminate it easily when it passes through your HVAC system. Couple this with a day’s worth of cleaning out some of the harder-to-reach spaces in your home, and you’ll have a perfectly clean house!

Reduced Respiratory Irritation

Different people have respiratory systems that can get irritated by different things. Some people are allergic to dust, some people can get asthma attacks from certain contaminants, and it’s important to make your home as welcoming as possible.

By investing in an air purifier, you’re eliminating a whole host of contaminants that could otherwise pose a threat to people with sensitive respiratory systems.

Call Peatson’s Heating and Air Conditioning Ltd. to invest in an air purifier today!

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