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Find Your Water Heater’s Perfect Temperature

Do you still have your high school chemistry textbook? We’re going to give you a hint and tell you that it could come in handy today! When your water heater in Caledon, ON starts malfunctioning, it’s usually a safe bet to call for a professional. But that doesn’t mean you can’t do your own research to find out what exactly might be happening. In the case of a bad temperature reading on the system, you might be dealing with a water heater that’s either too cold or too hot.

It’s time to put on your Goldilocks costume and call for the three bears, because we’re going to ensure today that your water heater runs at the right temperature. Too hot, and you’ll see a whole host of problems. Too cold, and you shouldn’t even call it a water “heater” since it’s not heating it. Let’s find that “just right” temperature area, and talk about why it’s so important to get a professional on the case!

A Water Heater That’s Too Cold

We probably don’t have to spend much time on this point, do we? If your water heater is too cold then… well… it’s not much of a water heater, is it?

You’ve invested a lot of time and money into your water heating system so that you can have things like warm baths, clean dishes, and hot showers that make you feel cozy and comfortable. There’s no reason you should need to let go of all of those things to either save money or improve the functionality of your system. Water heaters are specifically designed to heat the water in your home. You shouldn’t feel bad if it’s working hard to do that, that’s its job!

Make sure you call for a professional if your water heater is running cold, don’t just try to turn the heat up yourself. Water heaters are complex, and sometimes they could be running cold for a reason that should be investigated further.

A Water Heater That’s Too Hot

A water heater should never run too hot either. Think back to your chemistry class growing up–what happens to water when it turns into a gas? Take five minutes to answer it if you think you’ve got what it takes!

For everyone else, when water heats up and turns into a gas, it starts to expand. You can imagine your water heater like one of those cartoon boilers that starts to burst at the seams when this happens. Except for the fact that your system specifically has a pressure relief valve that can let out steam to stop the tank from exploding.

If you’re noticing that the pressure relief valve is dripping constantly to let out excess steam, then you’re likely wasting both water and energy heating your system too much.

A Water Heater That’s Just Right

A water heater should be able to sit there quietly in your home with no leaks or issues, providing you with comfortable water at the same time. We don’t say this like it’s a miracle, this should be the case in almost every home. If you call for professional help from our team, we can help you find the Goldilocks setting on your system so it runs the way it should.

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