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Serving Brampton, ON


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24/7 Emergency Services: Are They Worth It?

You’ve gotten the family together, the keys and wallet have been found, and you’re all singing and screaming as you head to the car to grab some ice cream. There’s only one problem–the ice cream place has closed early and you just found out while checking messages on your phone. What a bummer!

Hours of operation can be a difficult thing to consider in any aspect of life. Whether you’re trying to get your car fixed, make a reservation at a restaurant, or looking to invest in AC repairs in Brampton, ON, it just can’t be ignored.

However, some companies have the manpower and ability to offer round-the-clock services for people who need help. We’re proud to offer those types of services to the Brampton community, and we want this blog post to help ease people’s minds to the fact that their comfort is always protected.

Your Comfort Matters

Look, we know that a broken air conditioner doesn’t sound like an emergency, but it can feel like one when temperatures are reaching triple digits. Heatwaves can come and go quickly, humidity levels can double in just a few hours, and comfort is an incredibly important aspect of our lives. You deserve to live comfortably, and if air conditioning is a way to do that, then we want you to depend on us to provide it for you.

Some homeowners have very specific situations that call for air conditioning. Sleep disorders can require precision temperature control in order for people to live comfortably. Elderly folks and infants can also be negatively impacted by heat and humidity. The truth is that your comfort is a pretty big priority, and our emergency services are designed to keep you comfortable as quickly as possible.

AC Problems Can Get Worse

Don’t forget that an AC problem can be compounded into multiple problems. If a component breaks off and starts rattling around inside the housing of the unit, it can bump into other components and cause other problems. These kinds of issues can wear down sensitive parts of the system and eventually lead to an expensive repair bill.

Whatever you do, don’t keep trying to turn your system on over and over again. We urge you to call our team to schedule a fast repair.

Get Answers Fast

Are you worried that you’ve got a refrigerant leak? Or perhaps it might be the moment you’ve been dreading where your AC needs to be replaced? Well, as much as you can do your own research online, you’re never going to be able to plan accordingly without the opinion of a trained professional. Thankfully, emergency services are designed specifically to get you answers as fast as possible.

When you call our team, no matter the time of day or day of the year, you’ll get a specialist who can diagnose your issue and give you a professional opinion. If replacement is the best course of action, they’ll let you know. Or, if it seems like a quick fix should get your AC back up and running, they’ll be able to do that. The fact is that you’ll feel much better getting specialized support quickly.

Call Peatson’s Heating and Air Conditioning Ltd. to have your AC fixed and back to normal.

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