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Our Quick AC FAQ

Questions about home comfort systems are perfectly normal. You’ve probably heard someone say the phrase “there are no stupid questions,” and yet sometimes there can be pressure against asking a question that you might not know the answer to. We completely understand, and with such complicated technology in your air conditioner, it makes perfect sense if you’ve got burning questions.

There are no silly questions when we’re the ones who are answering them! And, to make things even easier, we’re going to try to answer some of our most commonly asked questions right here so you don’t even have to ask!

Just make sure that if you have questions that aren’t on this blog, you ask our team for support. Our friendly technicians specialize in AC repair in Brampton, ON, and we’ll get your system fixed if that’s what it takes. So, let’s talk about some questions you might have.

“How Does My AC Cool the Air?”

This might sound like a silly question, but it’s actually a good one. Most AC owners probably don’t know how their air conditioners work, so we commend you for being curious!

Air conditioners cool the air by moving heat from one location to the other. The refrigerant evaporates inside the system which draws heat in. This extracts heat from your home’s air which cools it. Then, the refrigerant cycles to the outside cabinet where it condenses and releases the heat. This essentially cools your home through a simple cycle of pressurized refrigerant!

“Is My AC Broken?”

Sometimes it can be hard to tell if your air conditioner is broken. Here are a few ways to tell:

  • Is it still running? If so then at least it hasn’t broken down.
  • Is it making a strange noise? Noises can signal the need for repair.
  • Is it cooling the air in your home properly? If not then there’s clearly something wrong and it needs to be fixed.

Whether or not your system is “broken” or not is going to depend on how it works or if it works at all!

“Do I Really Need to Use Air Conditioning?”

The short answer is yes, but it’s complicated. First of all, if you’ve got any elderly family members or young children, air conditioning can make a huge difference in quality of life. Heat can be debilitating, and it can get dangerous at certain parts of the year, so AC is a great tool to fight against this.

Also, we pay for comfort in other ways when we don’t have AC. Those trips to the beach, trips getting ice cream, and the money you spend buying fans will all add up. So, why not get an AC to help with your comfort too?

“Why Is an AC So Expensive to Run?”

Your utility costs shouldn’t be any higher than 8-10% of your monthly income. Air conditioning consumes a lot of electricity and sometimes it can tally up to almost half of this amount. Air conditioning definitely isn’t cheap, and with rising electricity costs, it’s getting more expensive.

Keep a close eye on your AC costs. If it looks like your air conditioner is consuming a lot more energy than it used to, then this could be a sign that something is wrong!

Call Peatson’s Heating and Air Conditioning Ltd. to invest in quality AC services you can count on.

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