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Spring is the Perfect Time for AC Maintenance


It must feel pretty good to finally open the windows and enjoy the fresh air of spring, right? We’re all taking advantage of the moment where we don’t need air conditioners or heaters that strongly since temperatures are in the Goldilocks zone, where it’s not too cold and it’s not too hot!

However, as temperatures slowly rise, we’re going to need to take our air conditioners out of retirement and start making sure they’re up to the task of keeping us cool for the future. While AC maintenance in Brampton, ON is one way to make sure it’s ready for the large task ahead of keeping us cool during the summer, there are a few other ways we can prepare for the scorching temperatures.

If you’re a homeowner that’s looking to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your air conditioner while at the same time extending its lifespan, then keep reading.

Tips for Springtime Maintenance

So, before you start worrying about what your air conditioner can handle this year, there are a few things you should do to ensure it’s in tip-top shape.

Change Your Air Filter

When was the last time you changed your air filter? While many homeowners will be proactive and actually change out the air filter at the end of the year, some homeowners aren’t. People forget, and it’s totally fine if you left a dirty air filter in your air conditioner—as long as you clean it out before you start it for the season.

A dirty air filter will inhibit airflow into the air conditioner. It will begin to stifle your system, causing stress on specific components as it uses more energy than it needs to. Not only that, but your indoor air quality will begin to suffer as your AC can’t filter air like it normally should. The bottom line is, change your air filter this spring.

Clean Around Your Outdoor Cabinet

Your air conditioner has been through a lot in the past few months. From dealing with snow, to freezing temperatures and windy weather, to even the falling leaves and sticks from fall, your AC has had to deal with the elements while we have not. It’s a good idea before you just crank on your AC system, to brush two feet around the unit as well as clean it with water or a towel. This can remove any dust, debris, dirt, rocks, or sticks that have gotten to close to the system. This debris can inhibit the function of your air conditioner, and contribute to problems if ignored.

Schedule Routine Maintenance

Maintenance is the last piece of the puzzle when trying to set your system up for success this year. By scheduling maintenance with a team of professionals like us, we can make minor adjustments, quick fixes, and check the efficiency levels of your system. If any repairs will be necessary in the coming months, we’ll be the first to know and we can relay that information to you! Take good care of your AC by working together with us.

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