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What Is a Grinding AC Telling You?

Grinding is a pretty peculiar noise. When you close your eyes and hear a grinding noise, you can usually picture two metal objects rubbing against each other. Either they’re fan blades rubbing against the housing, or perhaps a misaligned part that’s scratching up against the compressor of your air conditioner. The truth is that this problem can come from a variety of places and none of them are good.

While you might wish that your AC repair in Oakville, ON didn’t have to do with such an obnoxious sound, but you might be luckier than you think. Grinding noises are never pleasant, which means homeowners are more likely to call for help when they encounter them.

If your air conditioner is grinding, the first step towards a solution is to call our team for help. Then, read on as we uncover some of the culprits in these likely scenarios.

How a Grinding Noise Starts

Grinding noises can originate from the outdoor cabinet of your system or the indoor components. Either one has moving parts that are made out of metal, which can start rubbing up against one another.

To start, the outdoor cabinet is usually the most common culprit. The various valves and pistons in your compressor could create a grinding noise because they’re getting worn down and aren’t operating as efficiently as they once did. Eventually, these components will become loose or broken and your system might break down. This would mean replacing the compressor and is generally one of the most expensive replacements you can have.

When a grinding noise occurs from inside your home, it’s usually a problem with the blower motor. Certain bearings and components in the blower fan can wear down and become unlubricated. This means they’ll grind against each other until they also break down and force your system to work poorly or not at all.

Avoid It With Maintenance

Here’s a tip: avoid this kind of problem from occurring in the first place with regular AC maintenance. Part of our maintenance visits includes lubricating ball bearings and making sure that the system is operating at peak performance.

If we notice your air conditioner starting to wear down to the point where it might start making a grinding noise down the line, we’ll be able to fix it right then and there!

What This Noise Signifies

A grinding noise signifies an air conditioner that’s suffering from wear and tear or poor maintenance. However, by the time you’re hearing the grinding noise, it’s probably too late and you need repairs.

Grinding is a common sound in machinery like HVAC units or cars because these systems are comprised of so many plastic and metal parts. When these components are misaligned, worn down, or broken, they rub against each other and cause a grinding noise that’s similar to the sound of something getting caught in a box fan.

Sure, you could have a unique problem that’s causing a grinding noise in your AC unit, but we’ll never be able to tell unless we diagnose the problem in person!

Call Peatson’s Heating and Air Conditioning Ltd. for prompt AC repairs or scheduled AC maintenance.

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