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What’s Wrong With My Ductless Mini Split?


Ductless mini splits are unique systems that are different from any other HVAC system on the market. If your home has one, you’re hopefully very happy with its performance as a 2-in-1 heating and cooling system. 

But if you’re fairly new to mini splits, you might be unfamiliar with the problems that can spring up with these systems. That’s because they’re unlike issues you may have had with a traditional heating system.

Let’s go over some problems you might encounter with a ductless mini split that’ll warrant a call for heat pump repair in Mississauga, ON and some DIY tasks you can do to help avoid the need for repair in the first place.

First Things First: Basic Maintenance

First of all, there are a few things you should know about basic mini split maintenance. These are simple tasks you can perform on your own that’ll help keep your mini split in great condition.

Most important, you need to check the filter around once a month when it’s in use. Most mini split systems have a filter that you remove and clean, then reinstall back into the system. Make a note to check it on the first of every month.

When you’re inspecting it, you’re looking for visible dirt and dust. If this is your first time cleaning one, you may be surprised at how dirty they can get! Gently remove the accumulated dirt and put it back in place. Do this on every mini split. This simple task helps airflow and allows your mini split to work at its best.

Common Issue #1: One Mini Split Isn’t Working

This is usually caused by a problem with the connection between that particular mini split and the main system. A wire could’ve come loose or there could be a refrigerant leak in that single unit. Also, check the batteries in that unit’s remote control to make sure they’re working.

Common Issue #2: It Won’t Switch Modes

Is this issue occurring in one mini split or with all of them? If it’s just one, then it’s the same possible causes as #1 above. If it’s all of them, it’s likely an issue with the outdoor unit that all the mini splits connect to.

Your mini split system has a component called a reversing valve that allows it to switch from heating to cooling mode and vice versa. Over time, this part can wear down and break. Luckily, this is a fairly easy fix for one of our technicians.

Common Issue #3: It Won’t Reach the Set Temperature

It’s frustrating when your tried-and-true mini split isn’t getting your home warm enough. This could be caused by a number of things. Make sure that you’ve selected the right heating mode. There could be a disconnect between the thermostat and the system. Or there could be a refrigerant leak that’ll result in the mini split not being able to produce enough heat.

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