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5 Common Furnace Problems and What They Mean


When your furnace is running well, you hardly think about it. It quietly kicks on when it needs to bring your home’s temperature to the desired setting on the thermostat, and quietly turns off when it’s done. 

But when your furnace isn’t up to snuff, you’ll definitely notice. It might make some noises that are unusual when it operates. The heated air might not feel as warm as it used to. Or it could seem like it’s taking longer to get to the set temperature, which you’ve also noticed as a slight increase in utility bills.

It’s best to call us for furnace repair in Vaughan, ON if you notice any of these issues. Ignoring a small issue is how you end up faced with a major problem that could prove costly to repair. Here’s a list of some furnace common issues and what the cause could be.

#1. Weak Airflow

This might be caused by a dirty, clogged air filter. Check your furnace’s air filter and see if it’s dirty. If it needs to be cleaned or replaced, your furnace will have a hard time pulling air which could account for the weak airflow.

#2. No Airflow

If you can’t detect any airflow from the vents, that’s a serious problem. You’re essentially paying to run your furnace and not getting any hot air at all. The problem could be the blower which is responsible for blowing the heated air through the ductwork. Call us for repairs if you notice this happening.

#3. Thermostat Not Reading the Correct Temperature

Sometimes a furnace problem is actually an issue with the thermostat having a hard time reading your home’s temperature. If you suspect the thermostat is at fault, check the batteries and make sure it’s clean. If this doesn’t help, it could need recalibration.

#4. Short Cycling

Have you noticed the sound of your furnace turning off and on again in quick succession? This is called short cycling. It means your furnace is unable to complete a heating cycle. This problem needs to be addressed ASAP as this causes a lot of wear and tear to your furnace.

#5. Unusual Noises

Any discernible noises that are out of the ordinary are cause for concern. A furnace that’s in distress will make sounds such as banging, screeching, grating, hissing, booming, scraping, whistling, and clicking. If you’re hearing any of these sounds, give us a call. Some of these could be minor issues but booming and clicking sounds are cause for concern and should be addressed right away.

Worst-Case Scenarios

Nobody wants a furnace that incurs a costly repair that could’ve been avoided or even worse–has broken down completely! We can’t stress enough how important it is to address furnace issues as soon as you notice them. By doing so, you’ll get the problem taken care of as soon as possible and you’ll also restore your home’s comfort levels back to where they should be.

Contact Peatson’s Heating and Air Conditioning Ltd. for reliable furnace repairs in Vaughan, ON!

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