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Is Your Thermostat Running Too High?

The thermostat is the starting point of the system when it comes to operating your heater. It’s the main control that puts all of the other parts in motion. A common mistake among homeowners, many individuals feel the need to constantly set their thermostat on high in order to make it work better or more efficiently. Contrary to popular belief, however, this can actually be detrimental to your home’s heating and comfort. In the following, we’ll review some of the most important reasons to be mindful of how high you set your thermostat, and how doing so can be beneficial.

Better For The Condition Of Your Unit

When you set your home’s thermostat to a higher setting, what you’re really doing is making your heating system run for longer periods of time. Operating your system in this way consistently is bad for the overall longevity and health of your unit, as well as your home’s energy efficiency. Thus, reducing the practice of running your thermostat on a high setting can prove to be beneficial in the prevention and mitigation of HVAC issues when it comes to operational wear and overuse.


Another pertinent reason to keep tabs on your thermostat’s heat level, the amount to which you set it can have a major impact on your expenses. Because you pay for what you use, setting your thermostat to an unnecessarily high temperature can end up costing you money through higher monthly heating bills. Being mindful of your thermostat’s temperature in this way can be helpful in reducing these risks. Setting your system to a slightly milder temperature, like 18-19 degrees Celsius or 65 degrees Fahrenheit, can be a great way to mitigate this issue while still maintaining good levels of comfortability in your space.


By setting your thermostat to high levels, you can also cause inefficiency when it comes to the overall temperature regulation in your home.

By setting your thermostat to a high level, you’re likely to find it too warm at some point and turn it down as a result. This process of constant adjustment isn’t only cumbersome, it can also make the way you heat your home unnecessarily inefficient.

Practices such as this can contribute to extra wear on your heater, energy use, and can even be counterproductive to the effort to make your space consistently comfortable.

Because your heater won’t be working overtime to make up for constant adjustments, you can potentially reduce the chance of overworking it and all of the accompanying consequences.

As an integral piece of your home’s livability, prioritizing your heating system is essential to safeguard your long-term comfort.  In the long run, this means being mindful of your thermostat’s settings and how high you choose to set it. Doing so can provide a range of benefits, including preventative measures which can protect both your unit and home from future challenges.

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