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Protect Your Home From These Harmful Particles


Could you use an air purifier in Mississauga, ON? That might be a difficult question to think about, but perhaps we can get one step closer to answering it today. It’s no wonder that we’ve all been spending more time inside due to the pandemic, which means we’re keener on the quality of our indoor air. Certain harmful particles can become a huge detriment to our lives when we aren’t set up with an indoor air quality system to combat them.

We’d like to talk about air purifiers. More specifically—what air purifiers do and how they can keep certain unwanted particles out of your home. From mold spores to viruses and bacteria, a UV air purifier is a proven method of keeping home air clean and fresh. We want you to imagine what it might be like having one of those systems in your own home!

Interested? Good. Keep reading to find out more.

UV Light or Ionization?

There are two types of air purifiers we offer here in Mississauga. The first is a UV air purifier. Also known as a germicidal light air purifier, these systems are basically ultraviolet lights mounted in your ductwork. They produce radiation that can kill microbial organisms that would often cause you to become sick or uncomfortable.

The second type of air purifier we service is the ionization air purifier or electric air purifier. These systems release ions into the air that bind with the particles you want to go. Eventually, the binding process causes them to become electrically charged and the system draws them in with a magnet to collect the particles for cleaning later.

Between the two air purifiers, they both keep homes healthy and safe. UV air purifiers kill germs at their source while ionization air purifiers collect air that’s moving through your home for cleaning later.

What Needs to Be Cleaned?

This is the question you really came here to answer, isn’t it? What particles can an air purification system take care of? Let us explain!

  • Mold spores. Your air ducts can get quite dark and damp. That means the situation is ripe for mold and mildew to grow. Ultraviolet light purifiers can eradicate mold spores and destroy them at their source.
  • Bacteria. Bacteria can make us sick and unhealthy in our own homes. It can taint the food we store, cause us to sneeze and sniffle more, and make it harder for us to get better when we’re recovering. Eliminate these particles with a UV air purifier.
  • Viruses. UV air purifiers are proven killers of viruses. If the virus enters your home through the air ducts, it’s ability to reproduce will be halted through the UV light’s air purification. Don’t forget to wash your hands as another method of stoping virus transmission!
  • Odor causing particles. Air purifiers eliminate odors by catching them at their source. All odors are caused by foul particles in the air that need to be addressed.

Air purifiers can keep your home clear and clean. All you need to do is call our team to set up a professional installation so that you can get back to enjoying the air in your home!

Call Peatson’s Heating and Air Conditioning Ltd. for an air purifier today!

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