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3 AC Myths That Are Doing Harm

The advent of the internet has brought along with it a long list of different benefits. We get to have regular correspondences with relatives that live far away, almost instantly. We get to see each other in video chats, talk using voice messages, and even read about information that we otherwise would’ve spent a whole day in a library searching for. We truly do have the world at our fingertips!

However, the internet has also allowed for the spread of misinformation. These myths permeate everywhere, and they’re designed to be easily digested, which is why we think they can be very harmful to you and your AC.

Today, we’re going to talk about three specific AC myths we see circulating through online communities and address them right here. After reading this blog, we hope you always call a professional for air conditioning repair in Milton, ON so you set yourself on a track for success.

Myth #1: Air Conditioners Shouldn’t Run for Very Long

This is a complicated myth that we need to address. Homeowners have all sorts of ideas about how long their AC should run. Some homeowners believe it shouldn’t be on for more than 15 minutes, and others think that on a hot day it should be on all day. The truth is that it depends.

Your AC runs on a cooling cycle, which means it needs to run through the entire process to cool your home before shutting off. This depends on the size of your AC, if it was installed correctly and the air volume of your home was calculated precisely. If everything was done right it should be on for a good chunk of time (15-20 minutes) and then turn off. This might fluctuate a little bit, but it shouldn’t fluctuate a lot.

If your AC is turning on and shutting off abruptly only after a few minutes of cooling, or if it’s just cycling for the entire day, then you’re likely dealing with a pretty serious problem that needs to be addressed.

Myth #2: Your AC Can Cool You Off No Matter How Hot It Is Outside

While your AC can help you cool off even on the hottest of days, the temperature outside does play a role in how well your AC will keep your home cool.

An air conditioner can’t reasonably keep a home more than 20° cooler than the temperature outside. This is unfortunately a natural law of these systems, that the energy required to cool a home down beyond that is immense and not worth it.

So, if the temperature has spiked to 110° on the hottest day of the year, then don’t be surprised if your AC struggles to keep your home at 68. Set it 20° below the outside temperature, run your fans, and make some cold beverages to wait out the heatwave.

Myth #3: Your AC Is a Dehumidifier

Okay, let us clarify this before we get into the details. Sure, your air conditioner does dehumidify your air as it runs through the cooling process. However, that doesn’t mean it’s a dehumidifier. There is a very big difference.

For starters, the more humid your air is, the more strain is being placed on your AC. It’s not supposed to dehumidify extremely muggy air, and it’s going to use up a lot more energy to just mildly cool your home on one of these days. That’s why homeowners pair their air conditioners with a dehumidifier, so the dehumidifier can focus on removing moisture from the air and the air conditioner can focus on cooling the home. This process will actually use less energy for better results.

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