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7 Things to Consider When Getting the Most Value for Your Heater

What does value mean when it comes to HVAC in Mississauga, ON? Sure, you save the most money when you don’t turn your heater on at all for the whole winter, but that’s just not an option. And we know that the longer you run your heater, the more you’ll have to pay for fuel and energy bills down the line. So what gives? How can you “get the most value for your heater” with our help?

HVAC systems are a lot more complicated than that. Using your heater right isn’t just a one-time thing, it’s a lifestyle. Good habits can quickly curb your heating bills and give your heating system a break when it’s working as hard as it can during our frigid winters.

Here are 7 things that we urge homeowners to consider when they’re looking to save money, maximize their heat, and stay safe this winter.

Pay Close Attention

We’re here to help. Our blog post is designed for customers, neighbors, and anyone alike to take our advice and run with it. If you want to get the most from your heating system, we urge you to pay close attention to what we’re about to say and call us if you need help!

  1. Blankets and insulation can help! The easier it is for heat to be retained in your home through insulation, or kept around you with blankets and sweatshirts, the better off your heater will be. It won’t have to work as hard if you help it!
  2. Schedule maintenance. Maintenance is key to keeping your heater in good condition for years into the future. It allows a professional to adjust things and repair small issues in your heater year after year so that you can avoid the vast majority of repairs before they occur. While it might seem like an unnecessary service upfront, it actually saves a lot of money down the line.
  3. Keep temperatures mild. We know it feels great to come inside after a cold winter’s day to a raging furnace, but turning your thermostat up to 80° is never a good idea. Keep temperatures mild so your heater has an easier time dealing with your heating needs.
  4. Uncover your vents. Often we see homeowners cover certain vents so they can “maximize” the heat that goes to certain rooms. Unfortunately, this is not how your heating system works and it will only harm the efficiency of your heater. Uncover all of the vents, and if you’re unsatisfied, make sure you call us for help.
  5. Replace the air filter. Replacing the air filter every 1-3 months can help minimize repair needs and maximize efficiency levels.
  6. Think about replacement. If your heating system is between 10-15 years old and it’s been running into frequent problems, you might save a lot of money by considering replacement now.
  7. Lower the temperature at night. We tend to snuggle up when we’re in bed for the night, which is why it’s usually a good idea to lower the temperature on your thermostat and give your heater a break. You probably won’t notice the difference until you save money on your bills!

We Can Help

Make sure you work with us to allow your heating system to work in optimal conditions.

Call Peatson’s Heating and Air Conditioning Ltd. for comprehensive heater care.

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