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Do You Need a Heater Replacement?

We understand all the homeowners in our area who think “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” It’s a good mentality to have when you’re handy, or have the help of an experienced professional, but sometimes it can cost you in the long run. Let us explain.

Heaters of all shapes and sizes have a lifespan. We’re not lying to you when we tell you that no heater is built to last forever. In fact, any pros that do say your heater will last indefinitely really aren’t worth their price. This is just a fundamental reality of the world we live in.

Before you get down in the dumps, this can be exciting news. High-efficiency heating systems are being improved upon every day. The entire industry of heating in Georgetown, ON is rapidly changing, and looking forward to a heating replacement can be a wonderful opportunity to actually save money down the line.

Repair or Replace

A system replacement can be a good option in the right situation, but that’s really the realm of a professional. Our team can tell you how much you’d be saving with investing in a replacement system if the time is right. However, as a homeowner, it’s vital that you notice the signs of replacement before your system breaks down and causes your life to be put on hold.

This is what’s so frustrating about heater replacements that have given this type of service a bad rap. Most homeowners only opt for replacement when their old system has kicked the bucket and they’ve got nowhere else to go. When you look towards replacement early, you can start to make an informed decision for the long-term of your home.

Early Signs of Heater Replacement

Here’s the fun part. How can you tell that your heater is nearing retirement? These are just a few of the signs that point towards an inevitable heating replacement.

  • Age. Most heaters are only built to last somewhere in the ballpark of 10-15 years in age. Beyond that, all bets are off and you could run into decreasing efficiency, expensive repairs, and a dramatic dip in performance. Beyond 10years it’s always a good idea to consider heater replacement.
  • Inefficiency. Your monthly bills should be a huge weighing factor as to whether you should replace or repair your heater. If you’re just starting to see a general trend of inefficiency in your aging system, then don’t hesitate to discuss your replacement options with us.
  • Reoccurring problems and frequent repairs. Nobody likes having to call an HVAC team multiple times a year to deal with little problems. All those fees and repair bills add up, and they could be costing you more than a replacement would.
  • Expensive fixes and failing components. When your heat pump’s compressor breaks down, or the heat exchanger in your heater cracks, you’re in for an expensive repair. Sometimes, it’s just more cost-effective to cut your losses and invest in a brand-new system.

Call Peatson’s Heating and Air Conditioning Ltd. We can replace your aging system with a new, high-efficiency one today!

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