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Electric Furnaces: Everything You Need to Know

We know, there are probably a lot of homeowners reading this title and thinking to themselves, “Why on earth would I ever buy an electric furnace?” While gas furnaces are extremely popular (and for good reason), we continue to advocate for electric furnaces. Not every home is set up to have a gas furnace, not every family can afford a heat pump, and not everyone needs a huge, complicated heating system. Sometimes, you just want something that works, and works well.

Electrical furnaces in our area are a great way to deal with the cold. For smaller homes and homes that are a little more off the grid, we absolutely recommend them for a variety of reasons that we’ll get into. One of them is that furnace repair in Brampton, ON is easy to find and very quick when you work with the right professionals.

Want to know more about why an electric furnace might be perfect for you? Then keep reading!

How They Work

Electrical furnaces aren’t miracles, they’re hard science. While a normal gas furnace might burn natural gas in order to produce heat, electric furnaces don’t have those capabilities. Instead, it uses electrical resistance to produce heat. This is a similar type of heat that is created by a space heater or an electric coil, except it’s done much more efficiently and is designed to heat your entire home.

Through electrical resistance, an electric furnace can create heat by just using the power that already exists in your home. You don’t need any gas lines inserted, or refrigerant lines throughout your home, just a power supply that’s strong enough to provide power to your furnace. That’s it!

How Long Do They Last?

Electric furnaces are surprisingly durable. While they’re some of the most affordable systems on the market, they last about as long as a gas furnace would.

Your system will still need to be repaired every once in a while, but those repairs are fairly simple. Electrical resistance isn’t a complicated process, so heating technicians often love repairing electric furnace systems because of how simple they are. You’ll never really run into a problem that’s extremely expensive, since an electric furnace doesn’t have any burners or a compressor like a heat pump would. Instead, the components that could have problems are electrical coils which aren’t too expensive to replace.

When to Invest in an Electric Furnace

Here are some great reasons to invest in an electric furnace if you’re a homeowner in the Brampton area.

  • Your home is a little off the grid and you don’t have access to natural gas.
  • You’d like to save money on a more affordable heating system.
  • Your air conditioner is in great shape, so you want an electrical heating system that’s not a heat pump.
  • You want repairs to be fast, effective, and simple.
  • Your home has access to cheap electricity.

All of these can be wonderful reasons to invest in an electric furnace. In addition, our team repairs electric heating systems quickly and effectively. Be sure to call our experts if your electric furnace is running into problems or if your electric bill is too high. We promise we can help!

Contact Peatson’s Heating and Air Conditioning Ltd. if you need help with your furnace system.

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