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Your 2021 Heater Checklist

It’s been 2021 for almost two months now, and it’s time we did a bit of a check-in. Some homeowners might be pleased with the functionality of their heating system and for you, we say congratulations! For everyone else who is struggling to finish the winter strong with a heater that’s making noises, driving up your bills, and constantly putting you on edge, we’re here to help.

Checklists are helpful when it comes to heating in Brampton, ON. Not only will they keep you alert for problems that could arise, but they’ll also remind you to schedule maintenance and keep things running efficiently. By creating a checklist with our help, you’re statistically more likely to avoid expensive repairs and surprises that come from an HVAC emergency.

Yep, you heard that right. You can avoid surprises by working with us and putting together a checklist right now. Let’s begin!

Step by Step

Taking care of your heater shouldn’t be a full-time job. (That would be our job!) You should be able to follow our heating checklist within a span of 15 minutes. Anything that requires more time and effort should probably be left to the trained hands of a professional.

Have any questions about some of these steps? Or perhaps your heater might be a little different in shape or size? Don’t hesitate to call us and ask away!

Step 1: Unblock Your Vents

You might think it clever to block up certain vents in order to funnel the heated air into the “important” rooms of your home, but that’s not really helping. Your heater is built to heat your entire home, and if it’s unable to do so, there’s a serious problem. Blocking certain vents will actually make it harder for your heater to reach the required temperature on the thermostat and will likely lead to a decrease in efficiency. Unblock all your vents and be honest about your heating—if it’s not working to your standards, then call us.

Step 2: Stay Vigilant for Noises

If your heater is making noises, this is a clear sign that it needs help. It doesn’t really matter how benign the noise sounds, from rattling to buzzing, it’s probably an issue. You can always call us to tell us what you think the noise is, and we’ll let you know what it means. Or take a look back at our blog posts about different heater noises to pinpoint what your heater is trying to tell you!

Step 3: Replace the Air Filter

The air filter is an important component of your heater. Without it, your system will get inundated with dust, debris, hair, and other contaminants that negatively impact the heating process. With a heater’s air filter intact and cleaned out, your system won’t struggle to take in air and it will function at peak performance.

Step 4: Schedule Maintenance

Maintenance should be scheduled once every year for your heater and once every year for your air conditioner. If you’ve got a heat pump, then this should be twice a year. By scheduling this now, you’ll be better off in the future when you forget.

Step 5: Keep the Thermostat Mild

A mild setting on the thermostat might not feel as comfortable as a high one, but your heater will thank you as it doesn’t have to work as hard. Layer up with sweatshirts and make some soup to balance out the slight dip in temperature.

Contact Peatson’s Heating and Air Conditioning Ltd. for the heater help you need.

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