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Here Is What’s Wrong With Your Heat Pump

Heat pumps are wonderful heating and cooling systems in our area. They’re safe, powerful, effective, and best of all—extremely energy efficient. If you’re the proud owner of a heat pump, then you must know all of these facts already and you probably regularly show off how sleek and cool your comfort system is!

However, this blog post isn’t about the unique perks of a heat pump. This is specifically for the folks who are dealing with a heat pump problem and don’t quite know what’s going on. Heating repair in Brampton, ON can be a little complicated when it comes to heat pumps. They’re intricate systems that rely on electricity, so depending on what the problem is, it could mean replacing an expensive part or going through a difficult diagnosis.

Our team can help with all of your heat pump needs. Keep reading and we’ll talk about some of the more common heat pump problems we see.

Three Major Problems

Let’s start with three major problems that can signify the need for professional heat pump repairs. Regardless of whether or not you think your problem is one of these or if it’s a new and unique one, we promise that our licensed professionals can give you an accurate diagnosis.

Poor Comfort Control

Your heat pump should be able to keep your home at a reasonable temperature. If not, then you might be dealing with a faulty system that’s got some problems in need of fixing.

For starters, check the thermostat and make sure it’s set at a mild temperature. Too high and your heat pump will struggle to meet the demand, but too low and you’ll barely be able to feel its warmth. If it’s still not able to meet the demand of a slightly more mild temperature in your home, then it needs repairs.

Oftentimes, this problem can be caused by leaking refrigerant, a clogged air filter, or a failing component that needs to be replaced.


An inefficient heat pump can be a huge letdown. These systems are designed to run as efficiently as possible, so it can feel devastating if yours is causing your bills to skyrocket.

Start by changing the air filter of the system. This usually helps increase airflow and raise the efficiency of the system. Next, make sure your air vents aren’t blocked by furniture or other things in your home. This can be another cause of inefficient heating or cooling.

If none of this works, let our team take a look at the system and fix it.

Complete Shut Down

This is an interesting problem to have. Sure, it could mean that your heat pump is broken down and needs to be replaced. That’s a possibility and our team can help walk you through the complicated steps that come with this problem.

However, it’s important to remember that heat pumps function via electricity. If your system shuts down abruptly, it could be due to an electrical malfunction in your home, like a tripped circuit or a power surge. Our team can help locate the problem and give you solutions that meet your demand.

Contact Peatson’s Heating and Air Conditioning Ltd. for quality heat pump support.

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