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Steer Clear of a Frozen Heat Pump This Year

We talk a lot about heat pumps on this blog. And why shouldn’t we? They’re great, state-of-the-art systems that can both heat and cool homes across our area. They even function on electricity so you get affordable utility bills and an environmentally friendly heating system that can keep you comfortable. However, there’s just one problem.

Sometimes we get some brutal cold up here in Ontario. When the chill is too much, our heating systems can run into some pretty serious problems. The easy answer is to just call our team for heater repair in Brampton, ON so that we can take care of the problem and get things running again.

Sometimes you might encounter a heat pump issue that seems like a big problem, but it’s actually a normal part of the process. This is what we call the “defrost mode” of the heat pump, and it’s something you should know about!

Recovery or Defrost Mode

First, let’s talk about the recovery mode of your heat pump. Heat pumps are designed to move heat from one location to another. In the case of wintertime, they draw heat from the outdoor air and shift it inside where you can feel it and contain it in the rooms of your home. This process works as long as the heat pump has enough electricity to keep compressing the refrigerant that goes through the cycle. Simple and effective!

However, there’s one small problem. When the temperature outside dips below a certain temperature, ice could start to form on the outdoor components of the system and it will run less efficiently. Eventually, the whole heating process could grind to a halt, especially in extremely cold environments (which we see fairly often!).

The solution to this problem is the recovery mode, or defrost mode, on your heat pump. It’s actually going to run in reverse when this happens, and draw heat from inside your home to heat up the outdoor coil until it reaches about 14º Celsius, or 57º Fahrenheit, and it then can continue to heat your home as it has been. Now you know about the recovery mode!

Avoiding Problems With Your Heat Pump

The biggest problem that can occur when your heat pump reaches this kind of temperature, is when your home hasn’t been heated high enough for the system to actually be able to defrost the coil. You could see your system stall out completely if your home is cold and the heat pump itself is frozen over.

It’s important to remember that your home should be warmed at least above 50º during our extreme temperature drops. Then there’s plenty of heat for your heat pump to use when it starts defrosting the outdoor coil.

Call Us for Repairs

Is your heat pump blowing cool air into your home but it’s not defrosting? Then it sounds like you might have a problem that requires repairs. Our team can provide fast, affordable, and reliable heat pump repairs that can get the job done right. Call us if you suspect anything is wrong with the heat pump in your home.

Contact Peatson’s Heating and Air Conditioning Ltd. for heat pump services you can count on!

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