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Take Advantage of a Whole House Humidifier


A whole-house humidifier: what is it and how can it help you? That’s the discussion we’d like to have and, hopefully, we can answer any questions that come with it.

Whole house humidifiers are exceptionally powerful and efficient systems that can make it easier for your home to retain heat. This keeps your home more comfortable for you and your family.

How does this work? Well, we’re going to have to get a little bit into the science of these machines and how moisture, heat, and energy all relate to one another.

For now, just read on and make sure to call our team if you’re interested in humidifiers in Brampton, ON. These systems, especially in our particularly cold climate, can increase your comfort levels to a degree that is absolutely noticeable. Take our word for it, the benefits of a humidifier in the middle of a dry winter can make all the difference!

Moisturized Air

What happens when your indoor air is moisturized? We’re not talking about the kind of moisture where it is hot and muggy like it would be during the summer. We’re talking about enough humidity to make you comfortable and produce health benefits. Take a look below at the health benefits you could receive:

  • Reduce the risk of illnesses. When your home air is dry, your nasal passage won’t do a very good job of filtering out bacteria and viruses. Adding moisture to the air can make your nasal cavity more adept at naturally filtering the air you breathe.
  • Easy breathing. When air is dry, it can cause your nose and mouth to dry out rather frequently. Dry air can be harder to breathe if you’re not prepared for it (like you might be when you go outside). Moisturizing your home means comfortable air that’s easier for your respiratory system.
  • Better air, better skin. You’re probably aware that your skin gets dry and flaky without the help of humidity. When you’ve got a more humid environment indoors, you can bet that your skin will feel better without cracking or flaking.

Retain Heat with Humidity

Here’s where the science comes into play. Humidity can actually help heat your home in the winter, lowering your bills and making your home more comfortable. It’s called heat retention.

Water can naturally retain heat longer than other substances. It’s why we boil water to cook food and we use hot water to heat many homes in our area. Humidity is hot water that is vaporized and injected into the air, which means it still retains its heat retention but it is all around you. Air with a higher percentage of humidity can retain heat for longer, which is why muggy days in the summer feel especially hot.

By having humidified air, you’re making it much easier on your heating system because heating humidified air is easier than heating dry air. Your energy bills will go down substantially and you’ll feel more comfortable as a result.

Think your home would be perfect for a whole-house humidifier? Give the team at Peatson’s Heating and Air Conditioning Ltd. a call today!

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