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Your Efficiency Guide to Heat Pumps


Heat pumps are highly efficient systems that more and more homeowners are turning to these days to keep their homes comfortable. While they might be efficient on their own, they’re not powered by magic. There are scientific differences between a heat pump and your average air conditioner that make it work efficiently and consume less energy than conventional systems.

Not only are these systems highly efficient, but they work efficiently all year round, which means for any homeowner that’s in the market for both a heating and cooling system, then we’d like to explain how impressive these units can be. By taking the plunge and spending more initial cost on a heat pump, you could be avoiding high energy costs throughout the year that you would’ve paid otherwise on a less efficient system.

Keep reading and let our team help you when you decide that a heat pump in Brampton, ON is right for you.

How Heat Pumps Work

Heat pumps use the same technology that a central air conditioner or refrigerator does. By using refrigerant in lines that run between an evaporator coil and a condenser coil, heat can get drawn in and dispersed out in one direction. Where a heat pump differs from these two types of systems is that a heat pump offers this process in reverse as well, meaning you can draw in heat when the winter comes or disperse the heat outside during the summer.

Heat pumps also run on electricity, so that you never have to worry about needing gas lines for your furnace in the winter. Electrical systems also tend to be hyper-efficient in their energy needs, so you can take advantage of that quality as well when you invest in a heat pump.

When Are Heat Pumps Most Efficient?

Heat pumps are superior systems in areas where climates can be mild. Sure, mild is a subjective term, but there are a lot of homeowners in our area that are satisfied with both the cooling/heating output of their heat pumps and the energy cost they require. Unless you live somewhere where electrical heating systems just aren’t an option, heat pumps can be a great way to deal with winter weather and summer heat all in one unit.

Heat pumps also move heat from one location to another. Unlike a furnace that needs to create heat using combustion, heat pumps take heat that already exists in the atmosphere and transfers it either inside or outside your home. This is a lot less of an energy-intensive process, and you’ll see it reflected in your bills. That’s why heat pumps are so successful in mild climates, there’s more heat in the atmosphere to move!

Purchase a Heat Pump Today!

The fact is that heat pumps are perfect in our area, and there are a plethora of homeowners to tell you that. Talk to some of your neighbors and contact our team when you need more information about them. When you’re ready to make the investment, make sure you work with a team of professionals that can get the job done right.

Speaking of professionals, give the team at Peatson’s Heating and Air Conditioning Ltd. a call for excellent heat pump services.

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